Characteristics Of Automotive Precision Stamping Parts


Automotive precision stamping parts are metal stamping products used in automobiles. Supports, end covers, covers, spring seats, dust covers, etc. belong to automotive precision stamping parts, with a wide variety of products, and high requirements for surface quality, rigidity and dimensional accuracy. Let's first understand the characteristics of automotive precision stamping parts, so as to select the appropriate processing technology, appropriate materials and so on to produce products satisfactory to customers.

1, automobile precision stamping products, light weight, good rigidity and high strength.

2. During the stamping process, the surface of the material is not damaged, so it can have better surface quality. Then the surface treatment such as painting and electroplating can get better effect, such as oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, beauty and smoothness.

3. It has high dimensional accuracy, is uniform with the module size, has good interchangeability, can meet the general assembly and use requirements, and can be used directly without special requirements.

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