Common Problems And Solutions In The Stamping Process Of Precision Metal Stamping Parts


1. Scratches on the surface of precision metal stamping parts

The scratches on the surface of precision metal stamping parts are mainly due to the relative movement between the workpiece and the mold surface. Under the action of a certain pressure, the blank and the local surface of the mold directly generate friction. In addition, the deformation heat of the blank causes the blank and metal chips to deposit on the mold surface, and the scratch on the surface of the workpiece.

2. Fracture of precision metal stamping parts

In addition, during plastic deformation, with the increase of deformation amount, the induced martensite content will also increase with the increase of deformation amount, and the greater the residual stress caused, the easier it is to crack during processing.

3. Precision metal stamping parts die wear too fast

The die clearance of metal stamping parts is too small, the alignment of convex and concave dies is not good, and the accuracy of die base, die guide assembly and turret insert is insufficient, which may cause die wear. In addition, the same die is pressed continuously for a long time, causing the punch to overheat, and multiple local punching and cutting, such as step punching, angle of attack or lateral force during shearing, which will cause the punch to deflect to one side, resulting in serious die wear.

4. Precision metal stamping die belt

Such factors as the sharpness of the edge of the die for precision metal stamping parts, the modulus of entry of the die, and whether the clearance of the die is reasonable will all lead to the problem of the strip of the die. In addition, if non-special stamping oil is used, problems such as peeling and viscosity increase due to oil oxidation will also occur.

5. Quality of stamping oil used for precision metal stamping parts

The selection of metal stamping oil is extremely important. The stamping and drawing oil with good performance contains sulfur and chlorine compound additives, which can not only ensure the extreme pressure processing performance, but also avoid hardening, deformation, burr, fracture and other problems of the workpiece. At the same time, in order to make the finished products easy to clean, low viscosity stamping and drawing oil should be selected as much as possible.

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