Mold processing of medical devices

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    Mold Processing Of Medical Devices

    Mold Processing Of Medical Devices

    The processing of mold parts has certain plasticity. Adaptive processing is carried out according to different shapes, materials and technical requirements. Good processing results can be achieved by controlling the processing. The quality of the mold directly determines the quality of the product. In the field of medical devices, molds affect the quality and production efficiency of medical devices. It has a series of industry-leading equipment required for mold production, design, development, manufacturing, testing and commissioning, and Shengjiu's finishing workshop and testing center are constant temperature workshops in accordance with the national standard gb50019. Shengjiu's finishing equipment includes a series of high-precision numerical control mechanical equipment such as Japan's Beiyi Okuma machining center, Japan's Beiyi Okuma turning center, mirror electric pulse imported from Switzerland and Japan, slow wire cutting imported from Japan, and Japanese numerical control lathe. Sju's testing equipment includes a series of high-precision testing equipment such as German Zeiss three coordinates, Japanese imported roundness meter, Swiss and Japanese imported altimeter.

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