sheet metal stamping mould

  • Sheet Metal Stamping Mould

    Sheet Metal Stamping Mould

    We have large-scale precision CNC and multiple presses to meet the mold test and production needs of various sizes of molds. With high precision, fast processing and accurate molding, we pursue customer satisfaction and help customers achieve exquisite quality. Through the optimization of processing technology and the popularization of automatic programming, the production and processing efficiency is effectively improved. The strict quality control system and high-efficiency working team have rich design experience and mold manufacturing experience.

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  • Magnesium Alloy Sheet Metal Stamping Mould

    Magnesium Alloy Sheet Metal Stamping Mould

    Stamping die classification: a. Single process die is a die that only completes one stamping process in one stroke of the press. b. The compound die has only one station. In one stroke of the press, two or more stamping processes are completed at the same station at the same time. c. Progressive die (also known as continuous die) has two or more stations in the feeding direction of the blank. In one stroke of the press, it is a die that completes two or more stamping processes at different stations one by one. d. The transfer die integrates the characteristics of single process die and progressive die. By using the manipulator transfer system, the product can be quickly transferred within the die, which can greatly improve the production efficiency of the product, reduce the production cost of the product, save the material cost, and have stable and reliable quality.

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